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Sunday, January 12, 2014 | 21:25 | 5 comments

When I mentioned in the last entry about me feeling creative, this is what I meant! I was browsing around some stuff for Fairy-Kei and someone had posted a link to Violet LeBeaux's tutorial list on her blog site! Curious, I looked around and saw some tutorials I wanted to try but probably wouldn't be able to do it in a while. ^^; But, I found the tutorial on how to make an iPhone jack accessory with old earphones and how to make an iPhone tail charm with an old charger. :3

I'd been asking my friends and coworker for broken charges and earphones. Of course, I get a lot of confusion but I feel silly telling them, "Oh yeah, I want to turn them into charms." Instead, I just say, "I found a way to recycle them!"

I mean technically it's true - I am recycling them, right? ^^ Anyway, right now I only had one broken charger so I decided to make my first tail charm instead!

Oh yeah! :D I forgot to mention! I'll finally show off the cover that Billy meant to give me on Christmas... but it took forever for it to get here. x_x Anyway, ready to see my new phone cover and charm? :o

I decided to go with something really simple at first! While Violet's phone has a faux tail and everything, I feel that was a bit much, even for me. :3 So I just decided to use a bow I happened to find (really, I did just pull it out of nowhere!), used one pink pom pom ball, and a couple of bells!

I have to be kinda careful though. The pom pom isn't that strong so it might tear and I might have to reattach it somehow in the future if I don't mess around with it too much. Same thing with the bells.


Maybe, I should have glued the bells on the bow instead of the pom pom...

But it still looks really cute! ^^ I think it's very cute, even though it's my first time making it. I hope my friends would send me more chargers so I could practice more. :3 And don't worry, I'll be sure to post my progress - maybe there's a design that people would like enough to see more of? We shall have to see in the future. ^^

If anything, I'm really disappointed I don't have the bunny cover I won a while ago still. Otherwise, this would look really cute on it so I don't have to deal with the awkwardness of Hello Kitty looking... off.

If there's anything I do like about this, though, it's the fact that it has bells. :3 I love bells! I've always loved bells. I'm not sure why though, probably because they remind me of cats or something. They're really not that annoying to me, which is weird because I really don't like loud noises.

Usually bells would be on that list but, yet, here we are.

How it looks with Billy's phone

But anyway. Yeah, I'll be sure to post any new crafts I make in the future. ^^ I hope you guys will anticipate them! Please take care of yourselves, okay?

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