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Wednesday, January 8, 2014 | 15:57 | 3 comments

So I'm sure everyone has heard of the show "My Strange Addiction". It's a show on the American cable channel called TLC (short for, "The Learning Channel") where they showcase people with strange addictions that most people wouldn't even consider doing. This episode apparently aired on New Year's Day and it was an hour long special.

The special features the Living Ken Doll, Justin of Chicago, the famous or infamous Venus Angelic, and this girl named Emily or, known throughout the community as, Luna.

Now, I can understand why they would feature someone like Justin because, well, he's the Living Ken Doll!

From the Daily Mail
Another thing I can sort of understand adding is Venus Angelic. While Venus herself doesn't seem to be getting any work done on herself to get the living doll status - she does strive to be a living doll, though she uses J-Fashion and makeup as well as being cute as her means.

But the last girl they had on there... Her name is Emily, but she calls herself Luna (you can check out her Facebook page here). It honestly felt that, during her segments, they were making fun of her. Not only that, they showed a confrontation with her family saying how they don't "approve" of her fashion style and how they're so worried about how people won't take her seriously. But again, as an audience member, I felt that we were there to confront her about her fashion too and to laugh at the poor girl trying to defend her fashion choices and explain it to her family on why she feels the way she does with it.

The thing is though, this bothered me only because the girl, at least at first, seemed to want t just promote the fashion Lolita (or "Dolly", even though she seemed to have slipped up a few times). I've been reading some reactions about the show from other Lolitas and others who've written on the subject who are part of the J-Fashion community. They do not seem very pleased with it.

So basically, this show is just made to mock those who have stranger lives than the norm. Granted, it's fascinating to watch but, they do make it seem they do it for sheer shock value and not actually doing any research on why it's a thing.

Another thing I've come to learn is that TLC had lied to Emily about their intention about having her on the show.

Click to enlarge (posted by Venus Angelic Fanclub)

Both Venus and Emily were rightfully surprised at this. The thing is though, I also feel bad for Justin but in a different way. I feel there's a lot more to him than just what was portrayed in the show, because honestly, you really can't trust that kind of show when it comes to showing the facts about everything. And this is one of the best examples yet.

I really don't like these type of exploitative shows because of reasons like this. Sometimes, a lot of these things aren't really that strange at all if you would take the time to understand. The thing I don't understand is... why could Bronies (male and adults fans of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic) get a documentary green-lighted but Lolitas get mocked on a show?

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