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Saturday, January 4, 2014 | 16:36 | 2 comments

Finally, 2013 is gone and we can start anew with 2014! If you haven't already, here are my New Year's resolutions! Anyway, I wasn't able to update on New Year's Day to give a proper welcome into the new year...

But the reason why that's so? I've been working really hard these past two weeks! One of my coworkers had decided to take a break and spend time with some family (and take some time for himself) - and he specifically wanted me to take over those hours because I had started working there in November.

Needless to say, I am extremely tired but I'm also extremely grateful! All that hard work will not be for nothing, you know!

So yeah. Finally, I have some extra time right now to make a blog post and get started on my resolution to try and post on this blog more often. Of course, when I say post more often, I also meant my anime blog and my writing blog as well! I might just end up making everything into one blog though... Or maybe just two... I don't know... I've been up since 6am so I'm probably sounding really weird right now, haha.

Anyway... work was fine but my feet are really sore right now. Thankfully I have a day off tomorrow so I can just rest while Billy takes care of me, hehe.

One of Billy's Christmas presents came here today when I checked the mail - it's the first BEAST mini-album (or B2ST as they were known in the beginning)! I've always really liked their early stuff, so this was a real surprise! Even more so, since Billy doesn't understand why I love KPOP so much.

Though, when I went through the package, I didn't expect it to have all this! It came in a box where I can lift it open and inside is the photobook and the CD. Here's what it looks like with the photobook!

I'm really thankful to get something like this! Maybe one of these days, I'll make a page where it'll show all the Asian CDs I have... And believe me when I say I have quite a collection. ^^ I really hope I get to show all of you! I need to update it actually since Billy also got me Trap by Henry Lau and Mirotic by DBSK!

I already have TRI-Angle, Rising Sun, O, and now, finally, their last Korean album. I saw them in concert live back in 2008 when they went to the Hollywood Bowl. Their breakup affected me so much more than I anticipated... But enough about that.

I actually saw Beast live when they went to Hollywood Bowl in 2010! So I got their second mini-album, SHOCK!, there when I was in LA! ^^ So I guess you can say my collection for Beast is almost completed, right?

Anyway, finally, the coupon. The website, Kawaii Case, sent me an email regarding their first coupon for the new year! You would get 15% off of your order and free shipping! Just use the code happynewyear2014!!

I hope everyone is well! ^^

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