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Tuesday, May 28, 2013 | 21:25 | 0 comments

Welcome to ToFebruary.com, an online store specializing in bringing you Asia's uniquely cute and colorful fashion, jewelries, and accessories. All items sold here come from all over Asia, ranging from Korea, to Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and China. Got any suggestions, requests, or recommendations? Send them our way -- we strive to bring forth whatever our customers want most!

Here at ToFebruary.com, we hope to offer you a blissful shopping experience with quality service. If you are not satisfied with your order in any way, please let us know! You will be granted a refund, exchange, replacement, or store credit to your preference. There is nothing worst for us than having an unsatisfied customer who did not say anything to us about it! We value each and every customer and strive to make every transaction a fast, successful, and most of all, happy one!

I've been meaning to do a review for this for a while but I haven't really gotten a chance till now. Instead of reviewing on particular product, I'll just include all the products I've received as a whole haul.

When I first heard about To February, it was from an old friend of mine. She got herself a cute bear coat and I asked her where she had gotten it. She linked me to this site and the rest was history! I really enjoy this store a lot, even if it is online. The shipping is great, everything is categorized correctly, accurately, and have extremely good and clear pictures of what to expect.

Usually for the dresses and shirts and coats, they always give an estimated size for that particular garment. They will be freesize if it says freesize.

Also, if you're a fan of KPOP and KDRAMAs, you may find quite a few pieces of clothing, jewelry, keychains, etc from inspired from your favorite idols and shows!

The quality of the clothes, though, are actually really good. They're very light (unless you get a coat or sweater or something that's meant to be thick) and very stretchy. I've washed them with my regular wash and, so far, they've came out just fine (*knocks on wood*). I feel really comfortable in these clothes and even though I'm still working on my weight loss, I feel that they would look even better on me once I ultimately lose weight.

The jewelry itself are fine as well. I'm actually allergic to certain metals so I can't wear anything with nickel in it. Thankfully, these don't have nickel and they're also used for every day use as well.

So here's my haul of items I've bought from them. Please note that some of these may not be available anymore for purchase! I hope they do restock them for you guys one of these days!

click to enlarge

Here's what I've purchased (in no particular order): Hyuna Bubble Pop Boy Crewneck Shirt, Classical Tights in Black, Flower Earrings in Gold, Carefree Bunny Top (with removable bow!), Love Bunny Keychain, Angel Wing Earrings, Butterfly Necklace, & I'm So Cute Tee.

As for the packaging of the items, they're each their own plastic bags or boxes (such in the case of my Love Bunny Keychain), and it's pretty much safe. The shipping, within the United States, is only $1. You seriously cannot beat that anywhere else! I'm not sure how much the international shipping is but it's still a pretty good deal.

The time for the package to arrive is usually about a week to a couple of weeks. After you've place your order and after it's sent, they will give you a tracking number so you could see where it is. The only reason why it takes a couple weeks for me is because I'm such in close proximity with them (I'm in Arizona and they're based in California).

All in all, To February is certainly one of my favorite online stores to go to for clothing and accessories!

Location Online, but ships from California, United States.
Service Excellent. They've always apologized if there was a delay and the website seems to be online 24/7.
Products The clothing material is fine and the sizes are accurate. The jewelry is also made out of quality metals - since I'm allergic to certain metals, I'm thankfuly to say that these are fine! Everything else seems to be in tip-top shape.
Prices The prices are a little high for me at times, especially when it comes to the shirts and jewelry but I suppose it's fine for what it is.
Overall 9/10 - it's really a price gripe but the service is great! The shipping is great (especially if you're in the United States). The products are great and To February have a variety of different products.
Website http://www.tofebruary.com/


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