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Monday, May 27, 2013 | 17:49 | 4 comments

Yes, that is my actual printing!

Since I want to be a Gyaru, I really want to get to know people and talk to them. Hopefully, they can give me advice on makeup, clothing styles, or even just adding stuff to my style! I know I'm not truly Gyaru yet but it's kind of hard...

And why is it hard? Because the Gyaru community, it feels like, are separated from one another. There's always some kind of drama (especially on the infamous Gyaru Secrets) or that people just don't have time to update a blog every day or comment every where.

This was mostly inspired by a post on the Forever Gyaru Forums about how to gain more followers and comments but, it's something it's been on the back of my mind for a while now... Well, also, I was inspired by the Lolita Blog Carnival group as well.

So what I was thinking of doing - we can also start a group as Gyarus (and aspiring Gyarus, of course) where we blog once a week or so about a particular topic and we can comment on each other's posts and follow each other!

Of course, I'd be willing to help hosting this but I would like to have another Gyaru (actually, a more experienced one) because I don't think I can think of all the questions by myself or topics or maybe even activities for us to do with one another!

What do you think? Feel free to post questions, comments, ideas, or whatever! I would hate to see the Gyaru community fall apart because of the drama. I really want at least to try to be friends with people and learn more about Gyaru and what it means to be Gyaru!

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