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Friday, May 24, 2013 | 02:02 | 0 comments

from xxmiwaxx @ instagram

I've written about J-Chola before but I've decided to check on it again to see if it's still popular or if it was just a passing fad.

From what I can gather: it's still going strong! Okay, so maybe not that strong or as strong as the more obvious but it doesn't seem that Tumblr blog isn't short on J-Chola pictures (up and including that beautiful hairstyle up above). Although, there's still only a few Japanese bloggers who actually document this: vida (she even types in a little Spanish), MoNa aka Sad Girl (including a DJ named, would you believe it, DJ PaCo), and Yuu Irie.

Honestly, I'm just fascinated by them. As a Latina interested in Japanese fashion, I actually kind of want to reach out to some of the J-Chola out there and meet them. However, I'll probably have more luck if go around Los Angeles moreso than Arizona, of course. But who knows?

Sadly, since I can't speak Japanese and barely any Spanish, and I'm not sure about their English proficiency I don't think I'll ever get to talk to them.

And it seems that someone is buying anap's Latina as you can tell from here: anap Latina. Although, truth to be told, I really do like this version of the cat beanie!

What do you think?

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