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Thursday, July 18, 2013 | 18:35 | 0 comments

Sayoko's on the left!
On the rare occasion I got to hang out with my friend Tiffany, she mentioned about this model named Sayoko Ozaki and how she sounded like someone I should start looking at for Gyaru inspiration. I'm still trying to figure out my Gyaru "identity" and I've tried looking up all kinds of styles. So far, there's really not a lot I'm interested in besides the creepy cute and, more recently, Rokku Style.

But what is Rokku Style?

Well, I think I should start doing some independent research on this. But for now, I want to talk about Sayoko Ozaki. I actually found her on that Tumblr blog I posted earlier and I started to look at her other modeling pictures.

It seems people would consider her as an Onee-Gyaru because her style seems extremely mature and girly but I think she's more rokku. And yet, she still manages to pull off both looks!

And I think the question for me is: who is Sayoko Ozaki? I know that she's a model for the magazine Happie Nuts or just nuts... and I know that she seems to b really popular lately because she seems to be everywhere.

Oh, I know she has a dog and a blog.

I don't understand Japanese so I'm kind of out of luck. Just based off of the pictures that's posted on a fan-made blog, she seems that she carries herself well and she's just beautiful period! I would love to dress like her and her makeup just looks extremely classic!

Another thing that I noticed about her is her wide eyes and thick eyebrows. I have pretty thick eyebrows myself and I'm often worried that they're not feminine enough, even when I get them done but I look at Sayoko and I've realized that: you know what? If she can work with them, so can I!

I've been actually happier with my eyebrows since browsing more and more of her pictures! She's just so stunning!

I think Sayoko is a combination of both Onee-Gyaru and Rokku... I mean look at this cover of Happie Nuts for September 2013!:

Sayoko Ozaki & Mami Koshikawa
Usually when I think of Onee-Gyaru, I think of the older and more voluptuous Japanese women who still wear extremely girly things. I think Sayoko might be a bit too edgy for that? I don't know but either way, I admire her, and I would love to see her more in Rokku styles! I think that would fit her more!

But then, what do I know about Sayoko? Nothing...I'm just an admirer and I hope one day I could be as gorgeous as her! Or at least, rather, take her inspirations and make it my own!

I wonder what makeup she uses. I wonder what clothes she likes. I wish there were more English places to learn more about this beautiful model! She looks like she has thick lips but it could just be the Photoshop or even some good makeup.

Either way, though, I guess you can say she's my first real Gyaru inspiration! I hope I could find more inspiration to add to this tag because there's just so many beautiful Gyarus with different looks out there that there's just no way I don't think I could be inspired by simply one model...

Maybe, I should start gazing around the Gyaru model scene more often...But where can I, someone who doesn't understand Japanese or not even considered a Gyaru, find out information about these models? Tumblr is good because I could find more pictures but information? The socialization to talk about these models? Not so much... Oh well.


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