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Sunday, July 14, 2013 | 22:24 | 6 comments

Today was pretty okay, compared to how upset I was yesterday. This is my double post for today (hopefully this won't be that much of a habit) because Billy & I wanted to do something this weekend!

Anyway, all we did today was go to Tempe Marketplace this time to watch a movie and get something to eat! It's not much but, hey, I love spending time with him as much as I can before he starts his new job in a couple weeks!

Blouse: Energie
Pants: Celebrity Pink
Heels: (unknown name)

BB Cream: Skin79 Dream Girls BB SPF30
Headband: Spikes Headband
Hair Accessory: Bunny Clip
Earrings: To February
Necklace: To February

As soon as we arrived in Tempe Marketplace, we went and got tickets for the movie, "Pacific Rim"! Billy had really wanted to watch it because he saw the robots and had been hearing how good it was. 

Since we had almost an hour to kill, we figured we would walk around and, once again, window shop until it was 15 to 20 minutes until the movie started because we were debating on getting snacks. I'm always for getting snacks but Billy was on the fence about it. He was really thirsty though! So we went into the Coffee Bean that was around there and got some iced drinks since it was really hot and it was really close to the theater.

This is my drink! It was the perfect blend of sweetness & that dull flavor.

Billy getting the best of both of our flavors!

After that, we went in to see "Pacific Rim"! It was pretty much everything you would expect from a summer blockbuster movie. There were lots of robot action even though they got rid of some of the characters without giving them much screen time (if at all). But, you're not really here to read my reviews, huh? Maybe I should put that somewhere else...

But anyway, if you want to see a movie with some mindless entertainment and something that was clearly influenced by anime one way or another. I mean, it's not bad! Billy liked it because it filled his need to see some action, haha. As long as I got to be with him, I'm happy no mater what!

So after the movie, we started to debate where we wanted to eat after that. There was a food court around the movie theater (how sneaky!) but none of the restaurants piqued our interests. Honestly, we just didn't know what we wanted! We were about start leaving and probably ordering out when we casually saw a Red Robin at the corner of our eye!

We then decided to eat there instead!

The Yukon chips are seriously the best!

This was only $6.99 too!

Right afterwards, Billy & I noticed that the weather didn't look good. It's been really humid lately here in the desert so we didn't want to stay out longer than we should in order to stay safe. I'm just glad that even though today was shorter than yesterday. That's okay, because we should start winding down a bit with a week full of errands coming up!


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