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Thursday, July 11, 2013 | 23:30 | 2 comments

This morning, I had a job interview. Because of personal circumstances, sadly, I didn't get it. Billy wanted to cheer me up so he took me to Ezekiel's Restaurant (review coming really soon!) and to the mall where the Sanrio store is!

I even looked extra nice for the interview too...

I had used to work in the store once before so imagine my surprise when I walked in! They had these plushies on display though that were on sale. Since I was feeling a bit bummed out still, Billy got me:

Okay, Pom Pom Purin is actually Billy because he finds the dog really cute. Heh. I love it when Billy likes some of the things I like - it makes me feel that maybe I'm seeing a part of him that he only lets me sees!

Anyway, here's some of a closer look of the plushies I got:



Pom Pom Purin

Sorry about that weird picture of Pom Pom Purin; that's probably the best one I could get. But anyway. Even though the plushies are kind of small, they still put a huge smile on my face. I've been a Sanrio fan for a really long time so seeing (and getting, of course) these plushies with some of the older & especially rarer characters...

Hopefully, I can get a job soon.


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