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Thursday, June 13, 2013 | 17:17 | 3 comments

I got pretty sad news! The phone cover (above) finally broke on me! D: Billy gave me this for Christmas and I've used it ever since. What's with almost everything Billy gives me breaks somehow?! I'm such a terrible klutz...

Granted, I had to get another cover for just in case something like this happened and I'm actually glad I did. Always be prepared! You can see below what happened to it (don't be fooled by the top picture!):

The side of it chipped off and then, I can't even slide in it to keep it secured! The head will fall off or it would slide off and I would be worried if I would lose it while I'm out.

See? It's actually kind of troublesome!

At least, I talked to Billy about it. He said that, since he got it on Amazon for $7, he'll get me another one because he knows how much I love Rilakkuma. I'm just really sad that it broke....Hmmm. The next time, though, I'll be extra careful with it!

one last shot

Are you a klutz? If you're able to, do you always have an extra phone case? If so, where did you get it?


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