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Friday, June 7, 2013 | 23:45 | 0 comments

So I'm sure you've noticed that I've changed the layout yet again! I'm sorry! But the Disqus was becoming such a problem that I felt like I had to. I managed to get this blog skin thanks to this kind person! As you can tell, there's still a lot of things I need to edit but I want to at least get this post out of the way first.

Hopefully, it'll be easier now to comment!

Anyway, my very good friend Flora is selling some of her Lolita items because financial and other personal reasons. You can view the items here! If you want to know what her policies are, I've copied and pasted it here for your convenience:

  • I accept Paypal, MOs, and local pick-up.
  • I'm pretty flexible when it comes to paying for an item. If you'd really like to purchase an item but need a couple of days until payday, please let me know! ♥
  • US gets priority! I'm more confident in items arriving.
  • If you would like tracking (in the US), it'll be $1 more.
  • Buyer is responsible for HALF of Paypal fees.
  • Shipping from Los Angeles, CA, USA.
  • I ship no longer than a week after payment.
  • I am not responsible for packages once they have left my hands/shipped.
  • Reasonable offers accepted.
  • NOT accepting trades, at the moment.
  • International, please inquire! ♥

If you have any questions, please feel free to message Flora!

I do have to apologize though... I would have posted this sooner but sadly, I got a little sick today so it slowed me down a bit. Otherwise, this post would have been up a lot sooner!

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