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Wednesday, June 5, 2013 | 19:24 | 0 comments

I don't know if you have noticed but I've changed the commenting a little! I installed (or tried to) Disqus because it was a little hard to respond to people and hope they'd come back... If it's absolutely broken, you must send me an email and I will try to fix it! You may have to just simply refresh it though.

I wanted to get hat out of the way before I start talking about App Day. What is App Day? App Day is some random time during the week where I talk about my favorite apps that I'm using or just an update on my Tamagotchi (Mimi) & Megu (Momo)!

Just so you know, you can add me if you want! Let me know who you are, though. Let's be friends!

So let's get started with this post!

LINE ID: shoujobubbles

I really like this app because I could get updated my favorite Japanese artists - also that's where I can spam my friends, Diana and Izzy, voice messages whenever I don't feel like group calling on Kakao Talk (another app for another day). But mostly, I just keep up with my favorite artists since I don't really use it for anything else, haha.

LINE PLAY ID: ニンギョヒメ☆彡

A LINE app. Yep. And yes, that really is my username (shooting star icon, including). People on my Twitter list were getting these en mass so I decided to get this for myself. As you can tell, I have... quite a few hearts and few friends on there. Mostly, I just save up my gems because it's hard to get them after you do the mini game of doing chores and giving heats. I wish there was a way to sell extra items or items we don't want items...like a marketplace...

Instagram ID: nebulaway

Well, we all know what this is for, keke. I honestly do try to upload some new stuff at least once a week but... my life is so boring... I don't know. I'll try to find more excuses to use it. I usually just like things on here but once in a while, I'll comment! Hopefully once Billy and I move, I can actually upload more interesting pictures!

LINE BUBBLE ID: (same as my LINE ID)

This game... is a little addicting. I've actually already used up all my free carrots so I'm just waiting for it to come back so I can play later in case I get bored or I need to take some time away. It's just a bubble game using LINE characters! I'd suggest to play...but if you're like me, you might get addicted! 

Yay, I made it to the high score...

Momo Update 

So I started playing with my Megu last night. Right now, he hates me but that's okay. I still take him out, I bathe him, I feed him... He found himself a cute plushie and, luckily I had a table to put it on top of! Apparently, in order to make friends, I have to be Twitter friends. I think when I play with Momo tonight, I'll be sure to start adding people on there as friends, heh.

I'm trying to decide what food to buy him because I had gave him some good stuff. Hmm...does anyone have any tips for making him hate me less?

Mimi Update

I've had Tamagotchis when I was a child during the 90s and, boy, did I love that thing! I actually had the Angel Tamagotchi and I've played with it until I was way too cool it. Now, I realize that it's still cool to care about virtual pets! And, especially since it's in English (and best of all, free), it honestly feels like I'm a kid again... 

Anyway. Mimi. Mimi's doing fine! As you tell, her hunger is filled and her happiness level is filled as well as you can tell:

Mimi is a little strange, though, because sometimes she'll call for me -- only for her to want me to discipline her. I've...never actually had a Tamagotchi pet who wanted to be disciplined. Or if I did, I don't remember (it's been almost 2 decades already...). But, I guess, if that's what she needs, then...all right.

Although, I'm still kinda getting used to the interface of the app. I actually keep accidentally disciplining her! Oh no! But, I make it up by giving her a snack. I wonder what kind of pet she'll evolve to!

What are some of your favorite smartphone apps?

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