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Sunday, June 2, 2013 | 16:47 | 0 comments

What is Svpply? Svpply is a community of people discovering the products they love (about svpply). Svpply Sunday is when I post on Sunday about five (5) different things I want from my wishlist. I just talk about them, link them to the site where they can be purchased, and whether or not it's available! You can follow my Svpply list here!

By the way, I use XE's Currency Converter to get prices in USD.

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  • 01. Sanrio Keroppi Science Tote Bag: As much as I love Hello Kitty and her other popular friends - I have a very deep attachment to Keroppi. I've always loved Keroppi for reasons unknown to me so owning a bag of his would be really awesome! It's too bad that the price is high though...Price: 55.99$. Available

  • 02. Star Print Denim Shorts: I really like these shorts since they have that ripped effect and the printed stars on them! It has a really neat effect on it and it fits perfectly with summer being here and everything! Price: 30.00$. Not Available.

  • 03. Lady's Diamond Top: I really like this camisole because the details for the diamonds (probably fake) and the lace are really classic-looking and would great when you're out at a hot date (literally)! Price: 4.99$. Available

  • 04. Quotation Post Earrings: Remember when people used finger quotes to be sarcastic about something or if they just wanted to actually quote something? Apparently, this company took that idea and made it into earrings. I think that's actually pretty cool considering. Hmm. Maybe I should get these once I settle and get a job... Price: 16.00$. Available.

  • 05. Broken Heart Pendant: So, I really like this style of pendants. It seems small enough to be a choker, though. Hmm. I don't know but it could fit with a lot of outfits I have that can work with this pendant! Price: ~1 to 20.00$. Not Available.

  • I hope you enjoy your Sunday and I really hoped you've enjoyed this post of Svpply Sunday! Tune in next week to see something else I really want!


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