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Sunday, May 26, 2013 | 21:07 | 2 comments

What is Svpply? Svpply is a community of people discovering the products they love (about svpply). Svpply Sunday is when I post on Sunday about five (5) different things I want from my wishlist. I just talk about them, link them to the site where they can be purchased, and whether or not it's available! You can follow my Svpply list here!

By the way, I use XE's Currency Converter to get prices in USD.

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  • 01. Monokuma Extreme T-Shirt: This shirt is from the game Dangan Ronpa! with the main antagonist, Monokuma. This shirt might be a little bit big on me though since it's a men's size. But then, I really don't think I can fit into Japanese women's sizes anyway. Hmm... Oh well. Price: ~30.00$, 3,045¥. Available

  • 02. Xray Skeleton Cut Off Shorts: These shorts are actually pretty cool since it looks like it was painted (or ironed? dyed?) on these shorts! Normally, I'd wouldn't really care for ripped shorts since you can do that effect yourself. But with the skeleton bones for the backside? That's pretty unique! Price: 49.99$. Not Available.

  • 03. Button Thigh-High Sock: These socks apparently come in three different colors; grey, black, and white. Which one would I pick? Don't ask me! I'd get all three! I've always wanted to get a pair of thigh-highs but I just never know where to get them. Maybe I should actually put down the money for this once I come into extra money... Price: 14.00$. Available

  • 04. Womens Black Plain High Top Platform Sneakers: These shoes are pretty much your basic platform Converse shoes. Pretty standard but I seriously doubted they had my size.... You see, my feet are strange! I normally would be an 8 1/2 Women's (in the US) but because my feet are wide - I have to wear sizes 9-10! It kinda sucks cause I feel like I can't wear nice shoes with these feet! Price: ~33$, 34.19 AUD. Not Available.

  • 05. Meow Beanie Hat: Lately, I'm becoming a beanie fanatic. I have no real reason why but I just feel really comfortable in them! I really try not to want things that look the same or they have something that stands out from something similar I've liked. I don't know. But then, this just says "Meow" in a cute, creepy font that I've yet known. Eh, maybe one day I'll start a beanie collection... Price: ~18.00$, 14.00£. Not Available.

  • I hope you enjoy your Sunday and I really hoped you've enjoyed this post of Svpply Sunday! Tune in next week to see something else I really want!


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