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Tuesday, June 4, 2013 | 19:35 | 0 comments

Sway is all about having fun with clothes in an exciting and friendly atomosphere around the Bay area in California.

I actually don't remember how I originally found the website but they have a lot of cool things! This site has a lot of jewelry, clothing, styles, accessories, and other things that would probably be considered more indie and more hispter than what most people would care for.

But that's the thing - that's why I was so attracted to this store! This store doesn't seem to follow any trends - just what people want or what people wear around the Bay area in California. Now let's get to what I've actually ordered from this site:

Now, I got the beanie during the winter and winter in Arizona can actually get cold! I decided to get two eye ear cuffs because I think it'd be cooler just to get a cuff on both ears cause I thought it was going to turn more heads!

Sorry for the scars on my face!

For the most part, the earrings are like regular earring studs along with the eye decoration. They've lasted since January so we'll see if they can make it to the year mark. Anyway, the cuffs themselves are adjustable and, for those you who are used to cuffs, easy to get used to.

These are my first pair of ear cuffs that I've managed to own for myself so I'm glad I got these.

The two different cuffs in my ear.

You can also move the cuffs around on your ear and adjust them if you need to. I think these are pretty ideal for someone who are just testing the waters with ear cuffs but also the design of the earrings are interesting as well. I really like them as it's something I don't think I've seen - ever.

I'm really glad I made the decision to purchase these earrings/ear cuffs! The way they packaged these, since I bought two of them, they had put it together on a single earring set. I actually really appreciate that since the beanie is pretty thick, they had to give me a small box for it. No pictures of the packaging but it's only a small detail I remember - and heavily appreciate!

Now the beanie, I love to death because it's really cool and I love how it fits my head. Even though it's kinda thick, there's no way I can wear this during the summer here in Arizona. On the off chance that it's cold, I'll wear it but until the winter comes up....

Love it!

Usually I like to wear the beanie to bed because it keeps my head feeling like I have something comfy attached to my head. It's not bothersome to me, even with the studs.

I'm just so thankful for finding SwayChic because of their interesting styles but I think their prices may be a bit too high for me regularly purchase from them. But if you actually live around the Bay area or in California, here are the locations for the actual SwayChic stores: Berkeley, San Francisco, Pasadena, Santa Cruz, Oakland, & Alameda. If you need the actual addresses, you can find them here.

Location Online, but ships from California, United States.
Service Excellent. Communication is always open and they seem to be continously active on their social accounts!
Products I would not know anything about their clothes or their materials so I can't talk about that. However, the products have clear sizes as well as the care that they may need. Everything seemed to be able to withstand everyday use!
Prices The prices are a little high for me at times, especially when it comes to the shirts and jewelry but I suppose it's fine for what it is.
Overall 8/10 - it's really a price gripe but the service is great! The shipping is great (especially if you're in the United States). The products are great and really have a variety of them.
Website http://swaychic.com/


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