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Monday, June 3, 2013 | 17:01 | 2 comments

by urara

With summer being here, finally, it's also convention season! There's a convention that I could probably go to coming up ... at the end of August, Saboten. To be honest, I'm mostly planning to go to the convention because I've borrowed a friend's old copy of the set of Neon Genesis Evangalion for almost a year and I want to return it to him with the signatures of the English voice actors and the Japanese voice actress for Asuka.

That's a good makeup gift, right?

But that's not the point of this post, oh no! I wanted to talk about certain cosplay ideas!

I was thinking about cosplaying the girl in the picture below:

I asked Billy since, if I do go with a convention with him, we both would want to cosplay together! Sadly, though, he said that I wouldn't look good as the girl above because he's the kind of guy who likes actually look like the character or have their traits. I suppose that's fair enough but sometimes, I'm trying to tell him, that the best cosplayers look absolutely nothing like the characters and they would have their own spin on the outfit, character, or whatever!

Instead, though, he suggested that I'd go as Chihiro Fushimi from Persona 3:

And he'd probably go as some random male classmate from the game as well. I asked my friends to help me search on the famous Taobao site and Bianca found me a Persona 3 school uniform and she'd recommend me using Taobaoring.

Then Billy started to tease me about having Chihiro's mannerisms and how shy and cute I was back then.

I just sent him this picture in response:

Hmm, though, I still don't know what other cosplay to do... I thought about cosplaying one of the characters from Evangalion but I know Billy will bring up how I don't look like the characters or act like the characters... On the other hand, he hasn't seen the full series himself.

I don't know... I might find another character and I hope I can find the pieces before August. And that's only if we go! Sigh. I hope we go. It's been a few years since I last cosplayed at an anime convention!


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