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Tuesday, June 11, 2013 | 16:24 | 0 comments

It's not much but it's a start!

I think I've mentioned this before but lately, I've been starting to collect beanies. I'm not sure why I suddenly like them but, whatever - they're comfortable and awesome and I think they can help pull an outfit together, especially during the cold months! Although it might not do me much good since I live here in Arizona...

Anyway, I have to apologize for the ugly background/back drop for my pictures from now on. My usual one is really gross and I may need to get a new one pretty soon. It's kinda sad since I've had that for a few years already but I guess it's time to move on!

I mentioned this before when I reviewed Sway Chic, where I got it, how it fits and everything but I'll just reiterate myself. It's really comfortable to where sometimes I'll even go to sleep with it on! However, it's kinda thick so I don't think I can wear it too much during the summer months...

I got this on gyaru_com_sales at LiveJournal (a dangerous place to be) along with a Nadia dress, some tights (you'll see that posted tomorrow), and a shirt! I really like this but unlike the Sway Chic one, this one isn't as thick. It's kind of thin so I can survive (probably) the desert heat. I would most likely wear this at night because that's when things get a little cooler (like maybe 5-10 whole degrees after 110). I think this also adds to my personal style as well, whatever that may be.

Okay, maybe this isn't a beanie per say but! It's still really cute. I would use this for a cosplay of Puchiko if I could find her outfit for a good price...But anyway. This beanie is really cute but I wouldn't normally wear it with any outfits as I can't really think of anything I own that would not only match it but make it look good as well. Hmmm. Maybe one day, but perhaps not.

Now, I got this on an impulse as well but my ears can actually get cold really quick so I got this mainly to keep it warm! Plus, it's really cute! Yet again, I can't really wear this normally because it's so thick and the majority of the year here in Arizona is pretty cold...

There's actually two more beanies that I couldn't find: sequined black beanie and white fluffy beanie. Hopefully soon, I can make an update on this collection once I find both of them! Keep your fingers crossed!

What do you enjoy collecting? Do you have any pictures?


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