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Saturday, June 8, 2013 | 17:33 | 2 comments

The package that the nail wheel was sent in.

While I was browsing Louise's blog, she mentioned on a post of nail polishes she got from her boyfriend that she had something called a nail wheel - which is literally a wheel of fake nails for you to try swatches of nail polish on. I thought it was pretty nifty and actually really useful because I do plan on reviewing more nail polishes in the future...

So I went on eBay to hunt for one that'll not only be cheap but will get here quickly.

Eventually, I found one right here by eBay seller city-green that's not only in the States and was cheap - but it had free shipping! So I ordered on June 03, 2013 and it arrived June 07, 2013 (from New Jersey to Arizona) in the package up above. Not bad~! If I need to get another one for some reason, I know exactly where to go!

Anyway... When I opened the package, this is what was inside:

"Remind You of Happy Time"

It was only the bag which contained the nail wheel and a small coupon book for the next time I decide to buy from that company! Anyway...

I don't know if you can see it real well but, yes, it is transparent. Haha, I was hoping I can get the straight up white ones but I actually like these a little better. I'm not quite sure why but I just do! Although, it might be a bit more difficult to tell where one would miss a spot when doing swatches for reviews so it looks like I have to be very careful!

Before I put nail polishes on it!

I know it's kinda blurry but that's because it's reflecting the flash off of it...But at least you can see it a little bit better! 


I'm really glad I got this because know it'd be easier for me to do reviews without having to paint my own nails and make a mess or just get a paper towel, put the nail wheel on it, and then paint them. Well, it might be a little bit more work but it will make life easier (especially since I tend to do reviews spontaneously anyway) for me.

The nail polishes featured on the wheel (starting bottom and going counter-clockwise):
Sinful Colors (Beautiful Girl), Hard Candy (Silver), Hello Kitty (Mixed Berries), Sinful Colors (Unicorn), Forever 21 (Sparkly Pink), Revlon (Midnight Affair), Hard Candy (Pink), Hard Candy (Black), War Paint Beauty (Pretty In Pink), & Hard Candy (Red).

I hope everyone is having an amazing weekend!


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