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Sunday, June 9, 2013 | 18:03 | 3 comments

What is Svpply? Svpply is a community of people discovering the products they love (about svpply). Svpply Sunday is when I post on Sunday about five (5) different things I want from my wishlist. I just talk about them, link them to the site where they can be purchased, and whether or not it's available! You can follow my Svpply list here!

By the way, I use XE's Currency Converter to get prices in USD.

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  • 01. Rebel Yell Not Suited For Work Scrunchie Romper: This is such a cool romper! I mean, I've always interpeted NSFW as "Not Safe For Work" but "Not Suited For Work" is pretty clever too. I also really like how it's kinda scrunched up as well! Hmm. But for that price? Ugh, certainly not getting that right now. Price: 99.00$. Available

  • 02. Angel Charm: This is actually a recent item I put on my Svpply! I usually really like Miako, but for their clothes... I'll go into it further about when I decide to make a store review for them! Anyway, I just love the vintage and elegant look it has! And that jewel for the necklace is also really lovely! ♥ Price: 04.00$. Available.

  • 03. Bad Boy Good Girl Hat Hiphop Cap: This came out way back when Big Bang released their album ALIVE and at the time, my good friend, Danielle, and I were looking for a hat like that because it was just so cool! So I hunted on eBay until, finally, I found the "Bad Boy, Good Girl" hat! Maybe I'll get this for myself soon! Price: 18.00$. Available

  • 04. Bubble Earrings: Another recent add! These earrings are so cute and they're also kind of subtle, especially when you have outfits that already stand out a lot! These will add the feeling of being truly bubbly! Price: 05.00$. Available.

  • 05. Fake Knee High Tights: These are really cool! They are exactly as they state - fake knee tights. They have different styles and colors but I probably would get the classic nude and black. Nude's always the way to go with my skin tone! Price: 15.00$. Available.

  • I hope you enjoy your Sunday and I really hoped you've enjoyed this post of Svpply Sunday! Tune in next week to see something else I really want!


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