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Wednesday, June 12, 2013 | 19:01 | 4 comments

To help let you guys know which tights are which.

Here's another collection of mine! This time, it's tights! I'm going to let you in a little secret: I really don't like how my legs are shaped. I have an hourglass shaped body and, because of genetics, I have a large butt. And, in order to be proportional or maybe I must have wronged someone in a past life, I have really thick legs & thighs. Not to mention, I have really bad feet. I want to hide them at any costs.

And yet, here I am collecting tights. I think it's when I first discovered tattoo tights when I realized I could still wear shorts/skirts and wear tights (that'll hide my legs).

My point is that: I have strange reasons for owning this many tights while hating my legs.

Warning: My legs aren't still thin enough to my standards but they're good enough for now. I apologize in advanced if you're disgusted by them.

01. Cute Lace Stockings I got these over at Miako because I thought they were absolutely precious! As you can tell, you can see the lace designs over my thighs...barely...but the point is that you can see them. Lovely, no?

02. Ribbon Tattoo Tights These were from a second hand sale that I managed to snag! It's actually my first pair of tattoo tights as well! Look at the cute ribbon designs!

03. Hate & LUV LUU Tattoo Tights Okay, I know that the LUV is spelled on them on them as LUU but, meh, it works! I love how it feels! Also, the patterns mirror each other with the exceptions of the misspelling of LUV. Otherwise, I don't see any other flaw!

04. Leg Skeleton Tights I also got this from a second hand sale and it's brand new! Or it was until I put it on. I really love these type of clothes so I'm hoping I can start my skeleton collection as well. Hopefully, my legs can get skinnier so I can fit into these better...

05. Classical Tights in Black I showed this before when I reviewed To February last week but I didn't say how it fit and felt. It's extremely thick and to be honest, I love sleeping with these on because it's comfortable and it keeps my legs warm when it's cold! I adore these but sigh...being in Arizona sucks because that means I can't wear these for too long. Oh well...at least there's always next winter!

Nailed it!

06. Minnie Mouse Stockings Again, I got these from Miako (I should really do a review on this store) and these are pretty interesting! If you put your legs together (except maybe much better than me), you can get a full picture of Minnie Mouse! That's actually really unique! Blah, though, as usual, my legs aren't small enough yet...

07. Vagina Tights I don't know if you guys paid attention to some of the trends in street fashion in Japan last year but there was this strange occurrence of vagina tights roaming around the streets. To be honest, I'm a little apprehensive wearing these in public but then...they don't even look that much like vaginas? They look like some kind of tribal ...design... or something. Maybe as time goes on, I'll be more and more confident...

Well, that's my tights collection!

What part of your body are you insecure about? Do you collect certain things to avoid showing that part as well?


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