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Wednesday, July 10, 2013 | 01:11 | 6 comments

Finally, after two weeks, I am moved in to my new apartment with Billy! Right now, I'm trying to find a job to help with the bills and try to save extra income. In the meantime, however, I'm going to do more outfits of the day since I have a fully body mirror now!

Also, Billy and I have been slacking badly on our diet because we've been stressed out about everything - apartment, car, location, jobs... you name it, we were worrying about it! Thankfully, most of everything seems to be getting better. Let's see what the upcoming days will come!

In any case, I've updated the layout - took out some old giveaways, added a new link, and planning something pretty new in the next few days or so.

Kitsune and I have been planning something in the past few days and I think we'll both announce it when we're ready! Just know that I have not abandoned Rainbow Chiffon! Instead, I plan on expanding it more and hopefully with more content than before! Okay, maybe not a lot but expect more updates really soon!


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