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Sunday, June 16, 2013 | 21:48 | 0 comments

What is Svpply? Svpply is a community of people discovering the products they love (about svpply). Svpply Sunday is when I post on Sunday about five (5) different things I want from my wishlist. I just talk about them, link them to the site where they can be purchased, and whether or not it's available! You can follow my Svpply list here!

By the way, I use XE's Currency Converter to get prices in USD.

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  • 01. Eyeball Black One-Piece Swimsuit: Finally, the summer's here so it means to whip out the swimsuits! I really like the design on these. Lately, I've been getting into horror anime, which is strange cause usually I avoid those... Hmmm. But whatever, I really hope this becomes available again soon so I can get them! Price: 23.00$. Not Available

  • 02. Keroppi 350ml Water Bottle with Straw: My favorite Sanrio character, Keroppi, as a water bottle? Is this even a serious question? Of course I'd want this! This will be really cute to keep by the pool to help myself any water if I really need it! Plus, everyone will know it's mine since I'm probably one out of ten people who likes Keroppi... Price: 09.90$. Not Available.

  • 03. Eyeball Hairbands: As I just mentioned before, I'm not sure why I like items like these but I think they'd be really cute along with the swuimsuit above! I like to wear my hair up while at the pool to keep trying to stay cool! But will they handle thick hair? Price: 14.00$. Not Available.

  • 04. Glowing Green Case: This is a recent add and I'm going to do Quick Look-Through of Kawaii x Couture Decoden one day buuut I couldn't help but add this to my Svpply list! Going with the creepy cute theme this week, I really would like this case for my phone! I think it'd make a unique case that would stand out from the others! Price: 12.00$. Available (PRE-ORDER).

  • 05. Mini Moon Charm Necklace: A simple necklace to finish off! This reminds me of the Dark Moon Kingdom from Sailor Moon R so that's why I put it in my wishlist! Price: 12.00$. Available.

  • I hope you enjoy your Sunday and I really hoped you've enjoyed this post of Svpply Sunday! Tune in next week to see something else I really want!


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