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Saturday, June 15, 2013 | 17:37 | 8 comments

I have exciting news! Billy is arriving here on Monday! I'm really excited! I haven't seen him for 6 months and that was when I was in New Jersey to visit him for Christmas... This isn't just a vacation or anything - he's here as long as we decide to stay here in Arizona. I'm just really excited...I had to get my hair done because we're planning on moving for the next couple or weeks but we gotta figure out some things first.

This is going to be me when I see first see him, I just know it!

We've been talking about this sort of move for months but it's actually kind of scary now that it's starting to happen...I haven't mentioned much about our relationship on here but one day, I'll make a post on how we met and how long we've been together! Please look forward to that post in the future!

So anyway, as I mentioned yesterday, I had plans to get my hair cut yesterday but the plans fell through. I just finally got it done...I feel so much better!


You see, my hair looks thick and long but that's because it is thick and long. Not to mention, I had a lot of split ends to where it was making my hair tangled. And when I get to a point where I just give up on brushing & combing, I know it's time to get it trimmed. Usually, I would just get it trimmed and layered because eventually I would start to have headaches that come from seemingly nowhere.

Then I'd realize - it's because my hair is so heavy! After sometime time, this is what my hair looks like now:


I feel a lot better now! It's a lot lighter to handle and to brush! Hopefully it won't get that bad again next time... But I also had to cut my bangs as well.

Funny though, because Billy told me he wanted to take me out and go with me to get a waxing (yes, I do realize I need it badly) as well as a haircut because when I had a haircut before, he didn't like how short my bangs were. I reassured him that I was only going to trim the split ends off and I'm not going to make it shorter like what had happened before.

I think she did a good job with my hair all in all! I can't really complain too much other than being generally uncomfortable from all the hairs that inevitably got on my body while the beautician trimmed my hair.

I couldn't get a better picture, sorry...

 So yeah. I'm glad I got it done today because tomorrow I'm going to clean up and I didn't want to feel extra groggy because of my thick hair!

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