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Friday, July 26, 2013 | 19:36 | 6 comments

So I got some wonderful, exciting, and just really good news! I got a job! And not only that, I got one at Sanrio! I used to work here before but due to personal issues, I had to quit my job and go away. It took a couple of years but I managed to get my old job back (now with a new owner).

I actually just got back from work today so I'm a little tired, hungry, and thirsty. After work, though, I got myself a treat!:

Tostito chips mixed with steak & cheese! Ugh, it's so delicious...

Nah, I'm kidding. :3 I actually got that on the day I got the job, heh. Billy took me to Chipotle but I was just so hungry that I forgot to take a picture of my meal! But that's not the point of the post anyway! I actually got this really cute keycap because it's Loungefly's Street Fighter x Sanrio:

How cute is that? I didn't get anything else because, if you read my anime & video game blog, I'm trying to save up for a PS Vita. Since there's bills and other things to pay as well, I'm going to be pretty limited in spending (or try to be). As tempting as it is to buy other things, I have to promise myself...

But I do have friends and other bloggers I do need to meet and hang out with! Food is pretty important, yeah?

Anyway, that big announcement I mentioned earlier is on its way. Just working out some kinks and hinges before we decide to open so please be a bit more patient. :3


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