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Sunday, January 5, 2014 | 21:13 | 2 comments

Ugh. When I was working extra hard the past two weeks, I've realized something: I cannot eat anything that requires a spoon and/or a fork. Why? Because Billy and I only have a couple at home and there's no utensils at work that I can use. I've been trying to find time in between days at work (and I'd even search during my lunch times/breaks) to search for a fork & spoon set that I could use whenever I'm at lunch or whatever.

There had only been a total number of one time I didn't have a spoon/fork with me (in which case, Billy had forgotten to give it to me) so I couldn't eat for that break time. It sucked because I was in a pretty sad mood on that day too... I'm very harsh towards myself so if I fail to do a certain task that's important, I tend to beat myself up over it. :\ It's something that I really need to stop doing!

Anyway, so I started my search and even asked my Twitter friends. Diana actually gave me this link on Ali Express and truth to be told there really wasn't anything that I wanted. I wanted a spoon & fork set, sure, of course, but I also really want a cute case where it won't get dirty. D: I'm paranoid enough - I don't want to make it worse for me!

Well, maybe this but I'd probably use this in a giveaway.
So it was back to square one. I searched on eBay but the ones that came up that I wanted (Rilakkuma because, of course, I'd want that) were $50-$60. o_o Like, why? Why??

I went to Amazon where I found this one and it's the cheapest one I could find with everything I want. Well, I could do without the chop sticks but that's okay. It can come too. :P Besides, Billy always teases me that I can't use chopsticks as well as he does! What a butthole! :o

If anything, I would consider buying this one because I have a strawberry bento box anyway (I should start using that to carry my lunches anyway) so it can match. Plus it's a spork! And it comes with a little case for the top. But I've never bought from this online store before so I don't know what to expect.

Should I just cave and get the spork or should I just get the Rilakkuma case? At least with the Rilakkuma case, it'd come with some chopsticks in case the mood does strike me. What do you think?

Guh! I hate being picky but then...it's probably a really good thing.

Since I've really wanting to try different styles, there's one style that I've been really interested in lately. And it's called fairy-kei. Oh, I still really want to be involved in Gyaru and maybe dabble a little into Ulzzang but ^^ I want to try fairy-kei! I've always really liked pastel and while I do very much still love Gyaru, I feel that I really can't be creative with it anymore.

Maybe it's because I'm older or maybe it's because I want to retain my youth, I feel that I should keep trying to have fun while I'm young. I'm sure there's even some Fairy Kei Mamas around! ^^ But if you don't know what Fairy Kei is, Chole had actually made a post about it on her blog!

Or what I could do, though, is use the Gyaru makeup and use the natural beauty of Ulzzang, and just style myself in wacky pastel colors. ^^ Hehe...I have some ideas already forming in my head! In fact, I've been looking at some wigs because while I already dyed my hair a lighter shade back in September, I'm still working in a customer service industry and I'm pretty sure they don't want me to wear crazy colors like pastel purple or neon pink. ^^;;

Plus the community seems like a lot of fun and everyone seems really nice! But then... that's what I first thought about the Gyaru community...

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