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Friday, January 10, 2014 | 16:02 | 2 comments

On Billy's insistence, I stayed home from work today. I'm not feeling well at all because of sinus infection. T_T Even though I live in Arizona, the weather can drastically change... Not to mention, there's a lot of dry air as well. Because of these circumstances, I'm feeling really sick.

It really sucks because I can't eat certain foods even though I really really want to eat some... Billy has been taking care of me and even gave me some medication. ^^ So, all is not lost! In the meantime, I'm trying to make myself comfortable, since finally, Billy had purchased a humidifier so we both can breathe easier at night! ^^

Though, I'm not going to lie - I'm really frustrated, and sad, and mad at myself for getting sick. Usually I would get sick around Christmas, but I didn't. And yet now? I'm frustrated and mad at myself because I had to call out of work today but it couldn't be helped. I need to get some rest. It was really bad yesterday! Of course, I'll work harder tomorrow to show my bosses that I'm not going to make a habit out of it! I can't afford to!

But... Billy insisted. He told me he wanted me to rest today because all I'm going to do is make it worse. So I did. I'm staying.

Since I'm not feeling well, this gave me some time to browse my favorite Taobao tumblr blog, taobao-finds! It's just a blog where you can browse through the site and they find and pick things that's cute, fashionable, or stuff they know their readers are interested in and post them there! They would also post the source link in case we want to buy it. ^^

Of course, there's no question to whether or not I want to buy anything from Taobao, but the question is: what should I buy?!

I've heard of Taobao Ring and I've read some reviews: one, two, three (this one should link the second part on their entry ^^) -- but I'm always a little worried about it. Mostly because, they don't charge you by how much everything is (no, they add that on top of the commission they make), but how heavy it is. T___T Knowing me, I would want to buy a lot of things because the Yuan is very cheap since I'm an American.

But! I need to save my money for important things right now so I can't be shopping, no matter how much I whine or beg or cry. I have to be good!

Though, I can't help but wonder if buying a cosplay outfit from Taobao is a good idea. Probably not because if I put down a size... what if it's too big or too small on me? Oh, the dilemma! D: Same thing with clothes. Well, I guess this is why I always try to get the largest size...

But anyway. Also because I'm sick, I decided to finally sign up for a lookbook and I have a Facebook page finally. ^^ It's mostly cosplay for right now, but if I want to be even more confident with my looks this year, I need to put in some effort.

I need to showcase my look so I can see how much I've changed throughout the year. ^^ I just really want to love myself even more by doing fashions I would never have dreamed of doing last year - but accomplishing my goals this year!

But for now, you can see how empty my page and profile are on the side. ^^ I should think about changing my blog's layout for the new year, huh?

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