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Sunday, January 12, 2014 | 20:28 | 0 comments

Today, I hung out with some friends for a brunch at a sushi place. :D No pictures because I forgot to take some but we hung out for a couple hours until our friend's son started to get agitated cause it was past his nap time. ^^ Plus, Tiffany had work later that afternoon!

At least we had a memorable photo to take with us, heh. ^^ I hope we can get together again really soon!

After that, Billy and I went to Michael's Arts & Crafts store because, lately, I've really been wanting to create some crafts lately!

Pucker up!

After that, we went to the World Market store that was nearby. ^^ We found a lot of funny things in there!

I'm sorry for the blurry shot!

Like they had popcorn with sriracha sauce. o_O; That's really... strange. They had that hidden too so no one could get to it unless they were specifically looking for it. But... I suppose I can understand. That is so weird! I don't know if anyone would try that! Would you?

But we also found some cute things too. ^^

It's nothing special, it's just pocky in Hello Kitty cups!

After that, we ate! ^^ And then we headed home. I didn't really like my outfit today to really post a breakdown of it (plus, I'm really bloated... I'm always bloated T_T Why am I always bloated!?). It was a fun day for us and I'm really glad that I got a chance to fully enjoy it with some friends, Billy, and, of course, food! ^^


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