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Saturday, January 18, 2014 | 21:32 | 4 comments

If you've read about me in the "about" section, you'll know that I'm a Virgo. ^^ But what you probably didn't know is that I'm a proud Virgo! I don't have anything that has the Virgo astrological sign on it because, honestly, a lot of them are extremely tacky, in my opinion.

Or if it's something I'm interested in, it's always expensive!! However, I was just browsing random kawaii stores until I saw this cute and adorable charm! It's a Rilakkuma zodiac set and they had the Virgo one for cheap! ^^

Aw man, though, I had to buy it! I caved and got it right away but I had purchased them from Modes4U, an official San-X retailer. ^^ I'm not going to expect them to be here right away, as I just ordered and purchased it. :3 That's okay... I shall try to be patient!

But anyway, I just think this charm shows off both my pride as a Virgo and show off who I really am - a girly Virgo who's just obsessed with Rilakkuma!! ^^


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