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Friday, January 17, 2014 | 20:41 | 2 comments

I had planned to make a blog post about this earlier but I had work. Thankfully, a coworker of mine switched days with me so I can relax before I work again for another long time.

Anyway! In this email I got, it looks like Pinky Paradise are starting to sell some more new lenses! The tag line is "shine bright like an angel", as this is the Angel series. c:

I've always wanted to get GEO as my first circle lens but, that didn't turn out that way since I got Vassen anyway. The new colors that's available now are: Geo Angel Brown, Geo Angel Grey, Geo Angel Green, Geo Angel Blue, and Geo Angel Violet.

Here's what the closeups look like:

Personally, I really like the blue ones and maybe the green ones. ^^ How lucky, though, that these lenses are only $19.90! That's not bad at all. :3 I wish I could get one of these but... there's something I'm secretly saving up for. I need to see if I can do it and I hope I can.

But these are so pretty! ;-; I really want to try these! Which one do you prefer? ^^ Do you like any of the colors here or do you wish to see other colors as well?


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