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Thursday, January 16, 2014 | 15:13 | 0 comments

I got an email this morning talking about the new iPhone 5/5S cases in stock over at Kawaii Case! Today, they have new 3D iPhone 5 cases of Hello Kitty! As you can tell, there are 7 different colors (as usual), of the different colors you could get. ^^ And how much are they? Why, they're $21.99!

It looks like more and more cases are coming out for the iPhone 5 finally, right? :3

But if you're really tired of seeing the same Hello Kitty cases and want something different instead? There's these "Despicable Me" cases for not just iPhone 5, but iPhone 4 as well! I've never seen any of the movies and I don't really think these guys are cute but I know there are a lot of people who do! ^^

Which one would you want? ^^

Oh yeah! Don't forget to use the happynewyear2014 coupon code to get both 15% off and free shipping. :3


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