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Sunday, February 9, 2014 | 16:48 | 5 comments

One day, Diana had messaged me out of the blue and asked for my address. ^^ Confused, I gave it to her and within a week, I had received my package from my lovely Diana. :3

But, let me preface this post with something that had been on my mind for a while ever since I got this package.

Lately, I've been feeling a little lonely. Actually, let me rephrase that. I've been feeling like I haven't belonged in my group of friends lately.

It's mostly my fault though, because I have this problem of being a combination of shy and paranoid. It's not a good combination. Sometimes, I'm afraid to open up and, at the same time, I'm very scared that I'll get hurt again. I'll admit - I did not have a very good life growing up. My suspicions about certain people were confirmed in ways that has haunted me for years and because of that, it's very hard for me to get close to people.

However, the people I am close to - I cherish them and I'm extremely loyal to them. I will fight for them. I will do anything to make sure that they are happy. This is the sort of person I am and I will always be.

So when Diana not only send me this package, but wrote the letter she wrote that came with the package, my heart ached a little more. It's not because she said anything bad or mean. Quite the opposite, actually.

It made me realize that I should cherish and trust my friends more. I should trust that they want me around. I should trust that they're not going to hurt me. I don't want to be hurt like that again, but... I should be a little bit more open with my friends. I hope they can forgive me for the distrust I carry. It's not because I don't want them around or I'm doing this for fun and games. But... just getting this package reminds me that there are people who do value me as a person, and as a friend. I only wish I could show my appreciation more.

I apologize for this huge essay but it's something that has been bothering me for a while. Anyway, underneath the cut are the pictures. ^^

I was really surprised to get the package like this! I was really excited though to see what Diana had gotten me! ^^

And here's the lovely letter she wrote me! She had explicitly told me not to look at the package until I had read it. ^^ I'm really glad I did. I keep close to me in case I feel I need to read it again.

Sometimes, I need a reminder.

And look! There's cute little ducks on there. :3

There's some facial samples that I can use (and review for a later date). ^^ It's really kind of her to get me some of these! I really do need to take better care of my face. I can't let stress show up on my face...

I think this is a facial cream or a nose cream~!! Which is good, because the Arizona heat is going to be here soon and it's going to be extremely cruel on my face.

I think this is a moisturizer as well! But it's a roller ball kind. Hmm, maybe I'm wrong!

Bath & Body Works Japanese Blossoms and Sweet Pea~! The pocket kind to make sure my hands smell nice! :3

Finally, my first pairs of fake eyelashes. u_u Diana even got me the eyelash glue! Ah! I'm so excited! I can't wait to try them out with my outfits now! ^^ I feel I'll start to get that mature look finally! I don't know what brand that is, though. Do you know? ^^

Diana also gave me a mechanical pencil, a pen, and some lead. ^^ So thoughtful!

A cute little Minnie Mouse keychain! ^^ I've been really getting into Minnie Mouse because Billy loves Mickey. Well, I guess you can say we're like Minnie and Mickey, yeah? :3

And finally! This something I've been needing for a while because of work so I was extra surprised to see this! ^o^

An all matching strawberry bento box! \^o^/ The fork and chopsticks come in their own carrying cases which is highly convenient for me since, as everyone knows, I work really long hours. This is so convenient!

I really do appreciate it, Diana! ;o; Thank you so much!

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