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Sunday, January 26, 2014 | 15:08 | 3 comments

Very recently, Billy and I had finally bought ourselves a digital scale. And, do you want to know how much I weigh now?

200lbs or 92kg.

Of course, I don't look like I'm so in maybe some of the pictures you've seen of me - but I'll explain to you where all that extra fat went. It went to my butt. It all literally went to my butt. Billy had been commenting to me that my butt had been getting bigger - however, I had thought it was only him trying to tease me or goad me on.

Now I know that it really isn't that case. Instead, since Billy is 200lbs as well, we're both going to lose this extra weight and firm up the booty! Most people are on the hunt for the booty - we have too much of it!

Because of that, I really don't want to schedule any pictures that shows my full body or anything. My goal is to surprise everyone with how I look now! I mean, yeah, I'm going to post a before and after picture but the first thing I need to do is to join a gym.

Billy actually enjoys working out but I promised him that I won't complain anymore about being hungry and  being sore (besides my legs and feet from work but that's a different story).

I feel ashamed of myself for letting my weight get to where it is but I honestly feel like I lost some... but now I realize it's just the front part. In order to make sure I feel entirely confident, I'm going to get to a proper size to where I'll flaunt myself more and actually want to show pictures of myself. I have been trying to lose weight for four years already and not once had I hit my weight and size goal.

This year is my year.


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