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Tuesday, February 4, 2014 | 16:24 | 2 comments

Yes, this is belated because, as usual, I had to work through the holiday... And then as soon I was done, Billy took me over to a friend's house and eat and burn the paper, all before midnight!

But I have some good tidings to bring. ^^ First thing is first - BILLY HAS A JOB! Yay! It's a really good job so the pressure is off of me. Of course, I can't just buy everything I want (not yet anyway) but this will give me some time to save up some money for Anime Expo! ^^ Yay~! Finally~!

Second thing on my mind is that - my weight loss seems to be imminent because, for literally 4 to 5 days, Billy and I have portioned our meals and we had already lost a few pounds! It's amazing how much we can do... Soon we're slowly starting to start exercising more but it's a little hard since we're doing it at home. ^^ I have a terrible habit of being a little more lazy when I work out at home... But I believe in myself! I know I can do it!

And finally thirdly, there's two more posts I'm going to make! I have received packages from Diana and Crees! How generous of them! <3 So I just want to apologize in advance for all the posts I'm about to make. @_@

Because I want to get from smallest to largest (I took a lot of pictures for these hauls, I was too excited!), I'm going to start on Crees's package first! :3

I was really surprised to get a package that size! But I knew it was going to be good because, in truth, this was supposed to be a Secret Santa gift; but because of the holidays, the mail was a little slower and it was trying to catch up with everything. Of course I'm not mad about it because sometimes, things happen. ^^

But when I opened the paper...!

I got a huge pink shoebox! :O I was really surprised and I needed to know what was in there that Crees had put in there for me! What sort of surprise did she get me for Christmas??

I'm sorry the picture is cut off! My bed was a little messy.. u_u

How cute! Crees said that there's a little Haru in there, and I'm thinking I can put it in the car. ^^ We have an inside thing, since we both like the anime Free!, the dolphin is Haru! His animal is the dolphin because he has his own style of swimming, hehe. I haven't decided the name for the bear quite yet but let's see what else Crees has gotten me! :O

Candy! Because she's from Brazil, she also gave me some Brazillian candy! Yum~! I haven't eaten any yet (mostly because of my diet) but I love it all the same!! Thank you so much! She also got me a notebook with some gel pens. ^^ If you've read my Liebster Award post a few days ago, you'd know that I may have an addiction to stationary.... so yeah.

This is absolutely perfect~! I love it so much! :D I already moved the bear on top of my manga book case where my childhood toy, Pokey the snow leopard, rests and is safe!

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