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Tuesday, February 4, 2014 | 22:29 | 2 comments

Now, I'm going to talk about this site called modeS4U! If you remember, I made a post when I actually bought the charm on January 18, 2014. ^^ I got the shipping notice, finally, on January 20, 2014.

It took a really long while because it's being imported from Hong Kong, but I finally got my charm on January 29, 2014 along with two other very important packages - one of which I've already posted. ^^

Well, all things considering, I would definitely say the shipping is really good since it got here in only 9 days. NINE DAYS! Jeez. That's amazing. @_@ It felt longer, honestly, but that's what happens when you wait for packages, right? Time always seems to be a lot longer when you're waiting for something! ^^

Here's the package~! It's pretty small but, surprisingly, it was pretty secure! It had some ties on its back and, even though I was worried it would become unraveled on its journey, it was really was tied on tightly. No worries on that~!

After I pulled it out from the package, this is what I see:

A cute kitty bag! I think I'll save it for something else when I need to send or store something. :D But what's inside?

Well first, here's my free gift! I've read other blogs that they get sticker tape or something but I actually ended up getting a piece of green fabric - along with their business card!

Unfortunately, it's a green that it's not very pleasant on the eyes but, hm. Maybe I'll find something to use for it. :o

Anyway, on to my main package! :3

 As you can tell, my charm is wrapped up safely in a plastic bag so she's safe from any potential dust and grossness that could get on her. ^^ She's so dainty, isn't she??

You can see the detail on on her. ^^ I have to be really careful though because the sheer that covers half of the head and not only that, the strings on the cellphone part might tear (but that's not modeS4U's fault - it's just how it's made). Not only that, you can see the star with the R in the middle.

Let's look at that, shall we?

As you can tell, it has the official Rilakkuma 10th anniversary and San-X's logo on there! Now we know that she's an official part of the franchise!

Well, I really hope so. For the price the I paid for this charm, it came to about roughly $9.07, including shipping. This isn't bad at all and there are options to get it earlier but, no, this came in about roughly 9 nine days.

They do have other things they sell other than charms of course. They sell fabrics, DIY kits, stuff for crafts (which is something I really need to get to), bags, wallets, stationary and much more! ^^

Anyway, here's some extra pictures I took!

"I'm not dainty!"

Rilakkuma with his steed!

Location Online, but ships from Hong Kong.
Service Excellent. Communication is always open and they seem to be continously active on their social accounts!
Products With a variety of cute things, cute crafts, bags, and other things, there always something new in their selections!
Prices The prices are pretty decent but it helps when they're on sale.
Overall 9/10 - it's really a price gripe but the service is great! The shipping is incredibly fast, especially from Hong Kong, but the prices a little high for me at times.
Website http://www.modes4u.com/

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